Developing an interprofessional capability framework for teaching healthcare students in a primary healthcare setting

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Gum, Lynette Frances
Lloyd, Andrea
Lawn, Sharon Joy
Richards, Janet Noreen
Lindemann, Iris Corinne
Sweet, Linda Phyllis
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Informa Healthcare
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Informa Healthcare
This article is based on a partnership between a primary health service and a university whose shared goal was to prepare students and graduates for interprofessional practice (IPP). This collaborative process led to the development of consensus on an interprofessional capability framework. An action research methodology was adopted to study the development and progress of the partnership between university and health service providers. The initial aim was to understand their perceptions of IPP. Following this, the findings and draft capabilities were presented back to the groups. Finalisation of the capabilities took place with shared discussion and debate on how to implement them in the primary care setting. Several ideas and strategies were generated as to how to prepare effective interprofessional learning experiences for students in both environments (university and primary health care setting). Extensive stakeholder consultation from healthcare providers and educators has produced a framework, which incorporates the shared views and understandings, and can therefore be widely used in both settings. Development of a framework of capabilities for IPP, through a collaborative process, is a useful strategy for achieving agreement. Such a framework can guide curriculum for use in university and health service settings to assist incorporation of interprofessional capabilities into students’ learning and practice.
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Gum, L., Lloyd, A., Lawn, S., Richards, J., Lindemann, I., Sweet, L., et al. (2013). Developing an interprofessional capability framework for teaching healthcare students in a primary healthcare setting. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 27(6) pp. 454-460.