Ideas about Change: Socio-Technical Stuff and Engineering Thinking

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Jones, Jeff
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Archived with permission from the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and Radio Adelaide.
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Adelaide Festival of Ideas session, RiAus Auditorium, 2:30pm, Saturday 8th October, 2011. Chaired by Peter Mares. Machines have entered the social realm in a substantial way, we are over-connected and if we don’t clean up the virtual world, managing anything could become very hard. The internet adds positive feedback in society, causing change to happen at a much faster rate. The faster the internet gets, the more things you can displace and the more things you can do. So what does this mean for health, sustainability, finance, and all the other pressing issues facing us? People care, and it matters that they care, and it is the inherent sociability of people that provides the basis for sustained coordination. Usually we take this for granted or ignore it, but the way we work together is key to making a difference. So – how do we manage things differently to work together better and make a difference? Ideas about social media, management, design and systems thinking will be provided to gain some collective intelligence and ideas about tactics and strategies for change.
Social interaction, Science and innovation, Systems and processes, Communications technology, Social change