Private Murcutt. "Glenn Murcutt: Buildings + Projects 1962-2003" by Françoise Fromonot (trans Charlotte Ellis). [review]

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Reed, Dimity
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Australian Book Review
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"Buildings + Projects 1962–2003" is an updated version of the author’s "Glenn Murcutt: Works & Projects" (1995). It adds ten new buildings and projects to the twenty-three selected for the first book. And it is a beautiful production: the typeface is clear and the photography remarkable. Each page is a delight. The text relates exactly to the photographs and drawings, so there is no confusion about the relationship of description to illustration. While these may seem to be essential components, and not worthy of comment, that is far from the case with books on architecture. Confusion often reigns, to the detriment of clarity. It is extraordinary that the book designer wasn’t credited, nor any of the photographers.
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Reed, Dimity 2004. Private Murcutt. Review of "Glenn Murcutt: Buildings + Projects 1962-2003" by Françoise Fromonot (trans Charlotte Ellis). 'Australian Book Review', No 259, March, 24-25.