Multiple Job Holders in Australia: Motives and Personal Impact

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Bamberry, L
Campbell, I
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National Institute of Labour Studies
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"Multiple job holding, also called moonlighting or secondary job holding, is an important topic for research and policy, both in Australia and in several other industrialised societies. Official labour force statistics in Australia suggest that the number of multiple job holders is significant, amounting to around 6 percent of all employed persons in 2007. But beyond basic data—which map the extent of the phenomenon and provide a broad profile of multiple job holders—surprisingly little is known about the topic. Commentators remain divided on basic issues of interpretation and assessment. Is multiple job holding a plight or a pleasure? Is it a malign or benign feature of contemporary labour markets? This article uses qualitative data from interviews with a small sample of multiple job holders in Australia in order to explore motives and personal impact. It reveals the complex mix of pressures and enticements that can influence an employee’s decision to work in two or more paid jobs"
Bamberry, L., Campbell, I., 2012. Multiple Job Holders in Australia: Motives and Personal Impact. Australian Bulletin of Labour, Vol.38 No. 4, pp. 293-314