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Cheryl Simpson is a lecturer in Legal Studies at Flinders University with special interests in law and policy pertaining to cultural heritage and public health issues. Cheryl has taught in the Legal Studies Department at La Trobe University and in the Law Department at James Cook University. She has taught in a number of areas which broadly relate to social justice issues. She currently lectures in Law and Cultural Practice; Law, Tourism and the State; Introduction to Legal Studies; and Public Health Law. Cheryl has been actively involved in Community Legal Centres in Victoria and North Queensland. She has also been a consultant to Community Services Victoria.

Cheryl has co-edited a number of books including 'Ways of Resistance: Social Control and Young People in Australia', 'Cultural Heritage: Values and Rights', and 'Law and Cultural Heritage', and has other publications in the area of the family, juvenile justice and cultural heritage.

Current research interests are in areas of Art and Law and Cultural Heritage and Law.


You can visit the Alternative Law Journal and the Law in Context journal websites for more articles focussing on socio-legal issues.


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