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Professor Graham Tulloch has been Deputy Head of the Faculty of Education, Humanities, Law and Theology since September 1997, with particular responsibility for research and, more recently, postgraduate research higher degrees. He is Chair of the Faculty Research and Research Higher Degrees Committee.

He was appointed as a Tutor in English at Flinders University in 1973 and became Professor of English in 1998.

Professor Tulloch has undertaken research in Scottish language and literature and Australian literature and is the author of two books, The Language of Walter Scott (1980) and A History of the Scots Bible with Selected Texts (1986) and joint-author with Michael Meehan of Grammar for Lawyers (2001). He has edited Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe for the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels (1998) and Marcus Clarke’s His Natural Life (1997) and Catherine Martin’s An Australian Girl (1999) for Oxford World’s Classics.

His teaching areas include Scottish Literature, Old English, South Australian Writing and the History of the English Language.


The Association for Scottish Literary Studies aims to promote the study, teaching and writing of Scottish literature, and to further the study of the languages of Scotland.


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