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Associate Professor Francis Regan joined the Legal Studies department in 1991. Francis' research interests included comparative study of provision of legal resources in rich and poor societies, citizen mobilisation of the legal system, and the development of the legal profession. His doctorate analysed the development of legal aid policy in Australia. He published research on the legal profession, paralegals, and legal aid including its links with the welfare state. He was the Principal Editor of The Transformation of Legal Aid: Comparative and Historical Studies, published by Oxford University Press in 1999. He was a member of an international research group on Legal Services and Legal Aid and one on Family Law and Policy. His teaching included Introduction to Legal Studies, Access to Justice, Researching Juvenile Crime, Policy Analysis: Legal Issues, Family, Society and Law, Mediation Theory and Practice, Small Business Legal Issues, and Comparing Legal Cultures. He was on the Editorial Committee and was the Book Review Editor for the Alternative Law Journal. In 2002 he was awarded the Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. Francis passed away after a short illness in January 2010.


You can visit the Alternative Law Journal and the Law in Context journal websites for more articles focussing on socio-legal issues.


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