Australian Archaeology, Number 008, 1978

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This is a collection of articles from Issue Number 8, September 1978.


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    A note on the discovery of stone tools on Erith Island, the Kent Group, Bass Strait
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Jones, Rhys ; Lampert, Ronald John
    Between Erith and Dover there is what is known among the local fisherman as 'The Swashway', a low spit of pebbles linking the two islands at low tide but covered by broken surf at other times. Overlooking this swashway is a saddle some 40-50m above sea level mantled with deep sand deposits, part of which is now being scoured away by the wind. It was here that the first flake had been found, and we quickly confirmed this find by discovering about a score more flakes and tools mostly heavily wind eroded on the floor of this saddle.
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    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Grayson, Don
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    Swashway Sandblow
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Turner, Ian
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    By the Shore
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Brissenden, R. F.
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    Are there prehistoric shell middens on Rottwest Island?
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Hughes, P J ; Sullivan, Marjorie E ; Branagan, D.F.
    In August 1973 a number of different types of shell bed were observed at Rottnest Island. The most massive of these were seen around the lakes at the eastern end of the island and there is no doubt that these are natural marine shell beds. However elsewhere shelly deposits were seen whose origin we could not determine with certainty. A number of midden like lenses of shell were exposed in road sections, particularly along the north side of the island. All of these deposits displayed some of the characteristics of Aboriginal shell middens.