Australian Archaeology, Number 008, 1978

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This is a collection of articles from Issue Number 8, September 1978.


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    A note on the discovery of stone tools on Erith Island, the Kent Group, Bass Strait
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Jones, Rhys; Lampert, Ronald John
    Between Erith and Dover there is what is known among the local fisherman as 'The Swashway', a low spit of pebbles linking the two islands at low tide but covered by broken surf at other times. Overlooking this swashway is a saddle some 40-50m above sea level mantled with deep sand deposits, part of which is now being scoured away by the wind. It was here that the first flake had been found, and we quickly confirmed this find by discovering about a score more flakes and tools mostly heavily wind eroded on the floor of this saddle.
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    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Grayson, Don
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    Swashway Sandblow
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Turner, Ian
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    By the Shore
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Brissenden, R. F.
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    Are there prehistoric shell middens on Rottwest Island?
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Hughes, P J; Sullivan, Marjorie E; Branagan, D.F.
    In August 1973 a number of different types of shell bed were observed at Rottnest Island. The most massive of these were seen around the lakes at the eastern end of the island and there is no doubt that these are natural marine shell beds. However elsewhere shelly deposits were seen whose origin we could not determine with certainty. A number of midden like lenses of shell were exposed in road sections, particularly along the north side of the island. All of these deposits displayed some of the characteristics of Aboriginal shell middens.
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    In Memoriam Maureen Byrne
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Jack, R Ian
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    Journal Notifications
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09)
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    Sea Beach and Cave, Durras
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Brissenden, R. F.
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    A note on the fauna from Devon Downs Shelter
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Smith, M
    This article details the examination of excavated material and faunal assemblages from the Devon Downs Shelter.
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    Caveat Excavator: A Sea Bird Midden on Steep Head Island, North West Tasmania
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Jones, Rhys; Allen, Jim
    Considerations for non man made artefacts; for example, shell middens created by sea birds, charcoal layers due to burnt ant hills, and flaked stones resulting from birds dropping pebbles.
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    Preliminary Report on 1977 Surveys and Excavations at Turtle Rock, Hervey Range, North Queensland
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Campbell, John B.
    The report provides detailed site location analyses. It describes attempts to determine seasonal variability in relevant flora and fauna of the district, the search for sources of raw materials, exchange networks, and the analysis of rock paintings at and near the site.
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    Water levelling - A suggestion
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Johnson, Ian
    This note is intended to provide details of an easily constructed water level which has proved both convenient and reliable in use.
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    A 2500 year old pseudo shell midden on Longreach Bay, Rottnest Island, Western Australia.
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Bindon, Peter; Dortch, Charles; Kendrick, George
    On several occasions during the past decade, Perth-based and occasional visiting Quaternary researchers have examined possible prehistoric human occupation sites on Rottnest Island, 20 km west of Fremantle, WA. The following describes findings from recent investigations of possible prehistoric midden material from a site on Longreach Bay, Rottnest Island.
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    The Acheulian Industry of rock shelter IIIF-23 at Bhimbetka, Central India - a preliminary study.
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Misra, V.N.
    In the last three and a half decades systematic exploration of many regions in India for palaeolithic remains has been carried out by workers from several institutions, the majority of them from the Deccan College, Poona, working under the inspiration and guidance of Professor H.D. Sankalia. Acheulian industries have been found over almost all of the country except the Indo-Gangetic plains and the western coast. As a result of these studies the geographic distribution of Acheulian industries is now fairly satisfactorily known.
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    Adaptive technology in Southwest Tasmania
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Vanderwal, R. L.
    Louisa Bay, in southwest Tasmania, was archaeologically investigated during two field seasons, eight weeks in 1975 and four weeks in 1976. A total of six sites were sampled. Sites on Maatsuyker Island, to the south, were investigated over two separate two week periods in 1974 and 1976. This article is intended as a preliminary statement on the Louisa Bay research.
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    A preliminary examination of prehistoric coastal settlement at Nelson Bay, West coast of Tasmania
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Ranson, Don
    This paper describes the results and interpretations of a preliminary survey of archaeological sites on the west coast of Tasmania undertaken as part of a PhD project into the prehistory of the area.
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    New light on the Lapstone Creek excavation
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) McCarthy, Frederick D.
    This paper deals with additional information about the nature of the Lapstone creek cave deposit and its interpretation, with a brief explanation of why the 1948 paper was published 12 years after the excavation in 1935-36.
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    Annual report of the Archaeological Society of Victoria, 1977
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Orchiston, D Wayne; Johnson, C S
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    A computer program for isolating groups of dramatic masks of the Hellenistic and Roman periods.
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1978-09) Madden, Aedeen; Mannik, Enn; Sheedy, Ken
    The objective of the program was socio-literacy but the procedure used was the essentially archaeological one of matching sets of artifacts/attributes. We give here, not the results, which are still being analyzed, but a critique of the interface between archaeologist and programmer, in the hope that this may be of use to other researchers who intend to use a computer. The program was designed and written by Enn Männik, programmer, using the computing facilities of the Faculty of Architecture and Building, NSW Institute of Technology, which were generously made available through the good offices of Neville Quarry, Head of School, and Ken Madden, Coordinator of Contextual Studies, to whom thanks are due. The project was supervised by J.R. Green, Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Sydney, in connection with the revision of the text of T.B.L. Webster's Monuments Illustrating New Comedy (London 1969), to be published by the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London.