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    History Repeats After All. "The Finn Brothers". Entertainment Centre [review]
    (The Adelaide Review, 2004-12-10) Bramwell, Murray Ross
    There is a sense of full circle here. Who said our beginnings never know our Enz? Neil and Tim Finn are touring a new album, ripe with harmony and turbid with memory. On stage at the Ent Centre, the flickering home movie of squinting kids on the front porch in Teasdale Street, Te Awamutu sets an expectation, but it is certainly not nostalgia. The Finns have a lot of history and, in middle age, they are starting to sift through it.
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    Goat Leg Soup. "Muse". Thebarton Theatre [Review]
    (The Adelaide Review, 2004-09-28) Bramwell, Murray Ross
    It is only eight months since we saw UK band Muse at Big Day Out, but now they are back with more fans and a lot more fanfare. Their stocks have risen with the release of their latest album, Absolution, a recent tour with The Cure, and their steady determination to prevail. There have been comparisons - with Radiohead, for instance, and the latter end of Britpop - but increasingly, Muse is taking inspiration from such brazen exhumations of the flamboyant as The Darkness and the We-Will-Rock-You community singalongs of the Queen revival.
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    Getting the Band Back Together. "Cream at the Royal Albert Hall, London" [review]
    (The Adelaide Review, 2005-05-27) Bramwell, Murray Ross
    When it was first announced in the English press that the 1960s cult group Cream was reforming for four nights at the Royal Albert Hall there was an outpouring, you might say, of dairy metaphors. Would they be as fresh as they were thirty seven years ago? Would the old enmities between members sour the occasion? Would they blend, or remain somehow colloidal? Would they prove to be long life, or go to powder?
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    Kelly Rides With New Gang. "Paul Kelly". Her Majesty's Theatre [review]
    (The Adelaide Review, 2004-06) Bramwell, Murray Ross
    I like Paul Kelly to stay the same and tend to get tetchy when he changes things around, especially when he tinkers with his band line-up. I couldn’t see why he had to shoot the Messengers or why he would hire hotshot American guitarist Randy Jacobs. Was the Professor Ratbaggy project just a scratch band, and what about that bluegrass Smoke thing ? And, these days, what is he doing with his nephew Dan and where are Hadley and Haymes, his bass and keyboard henchmen ? Clearly, if it was up to me, Paul Kelly would still be back at the year dot.
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    Jumping Joe Looks Sharp. "Joe Jackson (with Joe Camilleri and Bakelite Radio)". Thebarton Theatre [review]
    (The Adelaide Review, 2003-10) Bramwell, Murray Ross
    For the Thebarton show, Joe Camilleri and his fellow Bakelite Radio members, guitarist Claude Carranza and bass player Steve Starr, open the proceedings with an excellent set featuring all the Jo Jo moves from Poor Boy Blues to The Chosen One. He gets a warm welcome and deservedly so. His return, with the Falcons, to the Gov late this month will be well worth catching.
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    Running on Plenty. "Jackson Browne". Festival Theatre [review]
    (The Adelaide Review, 2004-05) Bramwell, Murray Ross
    Fourteen guitars - all in a row. The show is billed as solo acoustic but it looks like the set up for the Eagles. Jackson Browne admits it is “obnoxious” for one person to have quite so many instruments but, he confides, he needs all those special tunings.