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    Book review: The Indian Bourgeoisie: a political history of the Indian capitalist class in the early Twentieth Century
    (Flinders University, 2012) Brennan, Lance
    Book review: David Lockwood, The Indian Bourgeoisie: a political history of the Indian capitalist class in the early Twentieth Century, London & New York, I.B Taurus, 2012, 315 pp.
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    Book review: Out of the Silence: The History and Memory of South Australia’s Frontier Wars
    (Flinders University, 2012) James, Stephanie
    Book review: Robert Foster and Amanda Nettelbeck, Out of the Silence: The History and Memory of South Australia’s Frontier Wars, Kent Town, Wakefield Press, 2012.
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    Book review: The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain
    (Flinders University, 2012) Burrowes, Darryl Anthony
    Book review: Paul Preston, The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain, W.W.Norton & Company, New York, 2012.
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    Sea Change, A pictorial history of the City of Holdfast Bay,
    (Flinders University, 2012) Martin, Robert; Sumerling, Patricia
    Book review: Jim Blake and the Holdfast Bay History Centre, Sea Change, A pictorial history of the City of Holdfast Bay, Kent Town, Wakefield Press, 2012.
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    Contesting Notions of an ‘Education Industry’: Media Commentary on the Transition to a Trade- Orientated International Student Program in Australia
    (Flinders University, 2012) Burke, Rachel
    In 1985, the Australian government instituted major changes to its international student policy. These changes signalled a shift in International Student Program intent from an emphasis on international enrolments as a form of humanitarianism – the main focus of the Program since its inception in 1950 – to a tradeorientated approach in which international student fees represented an important source of revenue for tertiary institutions. Whilst this paradigmatic shift in the conceptualisation of international student enrolments is well documented, the manner in which this transition to a market-oriented Program is represented in the media of the time has attracted less scholarly attention. This paper reports on research that examines Australian newspaper coverage of the International Student Program and its transition to a trade-orientated model during the 1980s and into the 1990s and early 2000s. Importantly, it identifies two discursive constructions of the international student population that co-exist within the textual corpus, expressing contrasting views about the nature and purpose of education.
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    ‘Australia Speaks’: Reactions to Political Opinion Polls in Australia 1941-1943
    (Flinders University, 2012) King, Simon
    Political opinion polls came to Australia in the first years of World War Two. Their entry into the political arena caused much discussion about the role of the polls and about their creators. Despite the best efforts of the pollsters the early reaction was one of suspicion and outright aggression. This paper investigates the critical first two years and the debates that took place between the pollsters and the government.
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    Australian Participation in the Spanish Civil War
    (Flinders University, 2012) Gould, Bronte
    A small number of Australians participated directly in the Spanish Civil War without the sanction of their Government. A few lost their lives. This article discusses some of the motivating factors that encouraged these people, both educated and uneducated, to become willing participants in a war that did not directly concern Australia. It will be shown that there was a complexity of reasons for their participation dependent upon the point in which their personal lives had reached.
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    Biography, history, agency: where have all the ‘great men’ gone?
    (Flinders University, 2012) Ward, Chloe
    From the 19th century, the biography has stood at the heart of the Western historical enterprise. The ‘great men’ of history have been valorised as the sources of change in the world. Yet, biography has equally been decried as ahistorical and elitist, leading to its widespread abandonment, by the second half of the 20th century, as a means of understanding and relating historical change. In the 1970s and 1980s approaches to biography attempted to restore its sense of political purpose and its academic reputation - with mixed results. However, in the past ten years theoretical attempts to reintroduce the notion of individual agency to history, and the emergence of works that successfully navigate the boundary between history and biography, have demonstrated the latter genre’s validity as a means of historical analysis. This paper argues that these recent developments, when complemented by the historicisation of the Western biographical genre attempted here, show that the biography can make a valid contribution to the history, though not for the reasons given by both its traditional champions and its radical critics.
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    Police Persecution of Adelaide’s Homosexual Culture: 1945-1972
    (Flinders University, 2012) Hodge, Dino
    The flowering of Adelaide’s homosexual culture in the years immediately following World War II and before the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the 1970s was accompanied by persecution at the hands of the South Australian police. This essay draws substantially on extensive oral history records previously unavailable to researchers to delineate police abuse of powers during that period. Particular strategies explicitly designed to identify, control and destroy the homosexual culture – including informants, entrapment, verballing, coercion and harassment – were employed by the police throughout these years.
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    Where are you Alex? Lessons to be learnt by Australians
    (Flinders University, 2012) Roberts, Michael
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    Jayden’s Law and the history of miscarriage
    (2012) Kevin, Catherine Elizabeth
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    How R2P failed Syria
    (Flinders University, 2012) Nasser-Eddine, Minerva
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    The Political Theory of Federalism
    (Flinders University, 2012) Feeley, Malcom M