No 259 - March, 2004

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Dianne Dempsey reviews Elizabeth Stead's The Different World of Fin Starling;
Sara Hardy reviews Edna Walling's A Gardener's Log;
Christopher Menz reviews India, China, Australia: Trade and Society 1788-1850;
Sebastian Smee reviews Irena Zdanowicz and Stephen Coppel's Fred Williams;

Neil Blewett reviews Robert Manne's (ed.) The Howard Years;
Jill Jolliffe reviews James Dunn's East Timor


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    The Quiet Guy. "The Book of my Enemy: Collected Verse 1958-2003" by Clive James. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2004-03) Goldsworthy, Peter
    Clive James has been writing poetry for some time. The rich centre of this book is these recent poems, and the songs, which fit so much into few words and which show us that James, despite all the other hats he has worn and brightly coloured balls he has juggled, has always been, in his own words, ‘the incurable poet, the lifer’.
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    Private Murcutt. "Glenn Murcutt: Buildings + Projects 1962-2003" by Françoise Fromonot (trans Charlotte Ellis). [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2004-03) Reed, Dimity
    "Buildings + Projects 1962–2003" is an updated version of the author’s "Glenn Murcutt: Works & Projects" (1995). It adds ten new buildings and projects to the twenty-three selected for the first book. And it is a beautiful production: the typeface is clear and the photography remarkable. Each page is a delight. The text relates exactly to the photographs and drawings, so there is no confusion about the relationship of description to illustration. While these may seem to be essential components, and not worthy of comment, that is far from the case with books on architecture. Confusion often reigns, to the detriment of clarity. It is extraordinary that the book designer wasn’t credited, nor any of the photographers.
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    Sweet Profusion: The National Gallery of Victoria Renewed. [essay]
    (Australian Book Review, 2004-03) Thomas, Daniel
    This month's La Trobe University Essay discusses the newly reopened National Gallery of Victoria and compares it with other galleries.
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    Bestsellers / Subscription.
    (Australian Book Review, 2004-03)
    This is the February 2004 Bestsellers / Subscription page for this issue.
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    Challenging Change. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2004-03) Katherine, England
    This article is a review of Junior Fiction books, including: Graeme Base, "Truck Dogs"; Susanne Gervay, "Super Jack"; Elizabeth Honey, "The Ballad of Cauldron Bay"; Glenda Millard, illus. Caroline Magerl, "The Naming of Tishkin Silk"; and Michael Stephens, "Mudlark."
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    Animal Farm. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2004-03) Starke, Ruth Elaine
    This article is a review of various children's picture books, including: Tania Cox, illus. Greg Holfeld, "Wolf's Sunday Dinner"; Jackie French, illus. Bruce Whatley, "Too Many Pears!"; Leigh Hobbs, "Fiona the Pig"; Carolyn Polizzotto and Sarah Spinks, illus. Marion Duke, "Trumpet's Kittens"; and Margaret Wild, illus. David Legge, "Baby Boomsticks".
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