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The Don Dunstan Oral History Project Collection is the result of a collaboration between the Don Dunstan Foundation and Flinders University.
During the project, interviews with contemporaries of Don Dunstan, including parliamentary colleagues, public servants, journalists, family and friends, were conducted by the Foundation, and the edited transcripts have been indexed by Flinders University Library.

The Collection consists of those transcripts edited and approved for unconditional release by the interviewee, as well as index entries for transcripts edited by the interviewee which are available only under certain conditions.

Applications for access to the restricted material should be made in the first instance to the Special Collections Librarian, Flinders University Library.


Don Dunstan
Don Dunstan


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    Interview with Margaret Lee
    ( 2013-04-08) Lee, Margaret[Interviewee] ; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer]
    Interview with Margaret Lee by George Lewkowicz on 11 December 2012. Margaret Lee worked in the law firm that Don Dunstan worked in.
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    Interview with Carolyn Rankin
    ( 2013-04-02) Rankin, Carolyn [Interviewee] ; Morgan, Felicity [Interviewer]
    Interview with Carolyn Rankin by Felicity Morgan on 9 December 2009. Carolyn discusses art development during the Dunstan era.
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    Interview with Ian North
    ( 2013-03-15) North, [Interviewee] Ian ; Morgan, Felicity [Interviewer]
    Interview with Ian North by Felicity Morgan on the development of the arts, during Don Dunstan's Premiership. The interview was held on January 11, 2010.
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    Interview with Michael Kirby
    ( 2012-07-16) Kirby, Michael [Interviewee] ; Lewkowicz, George [Interviewer]
    Interview with Michael Kirby by George Lewkowicz on 28th February 2012. Michael Kirby discusses Don Dunstan and law reform.
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    Interview with Ian Cox
    ( 2012-05-08) Cox, Ian [Interviewee] ; Guerin, Bruce [Interviewer]
    Interview with Ian Cox by Bruce Guerin on 5 July 2007. Ian Cox became Director of Aboriginal Affairs and Social Welfare in 1970 and continued to work in this area during the Dunstan era.
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    Interview with Gil Brealey and Addendum
    ( 2012-05-02) Brealey, Gil [Interviewee] ; Morgan, Felicity [Interviewer]
    Interview with Gil Brealey by Felicity Morgan on January 9, 2012. Also includes Addendum dated February 2012. Gil Brealey discusses his time as the Founding Director/Chairman of the South Australian Film Corporation, established under the Premiership of Don Dunstan.