No 252 - June / July 2003

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Dennis Altman on Superstition and Idolatry Greg Dening reviews Edward Duyker's Citizen Labillardiere
Kim Mahood reviews Irris Makler's Our Woman in Kabul
Tony Blackshield reviews Philip Ayres' Owen Dixon
John Rickard reviews Iain McCalman's The Seven Ordeals of Count Cagliostro
Amanda Smith reviews Nova by Nova Peris with Ian Heads


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    A Wake-up Call. "Sex, Power and the Clergy" by Muriel Porter. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-06) Dunn, Kristie
    This insider’s account of the sexual abuse crisis facing the Christian churches is an engaging read - not only for believers, but for us heathens as well. The author wears various hats. A journalist and regular commentator on religious issues for many years, Muriel Porter now lectures in journalism at RMIT. She describes herself as a 'committed Anglican laywoman' who has been involved in high-level structural decision-making within the Anglican Church for the past fifteen years. These multiple roles add much to her discussion, but can also produce some tensions.
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    Bestsellers / Subscription
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-06)
    This item contains the May 2003 Bestsellers and Subscription information from this issue.
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    Feeling Unsafe. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-06) Cox, Sarah Mayor
    This article is a review of various young adult fiction, including: Melina Marchetta, "Saving Francesca"; Celeste Walters, "The Glass Mountain"; Sofie Laguna, "Surviving Aunt Marsha"; Jackie French, "The Black House"; and Ruth Starke, "Nips Go National".
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    Going Exploring. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-06) Robson Kett, Margaret
    This article is a review of various young adult non-fiction, including: Mary Malbunka, "When I was Little, Like You"; Jesse Martin with Jon Carnegie, "Dream On: The Journey of Kijana – Making it Happen"; John Nicholson, "Animal Architects"; and Coral Tulloch, "Antarctica".
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    A Quintet of Bestiaries. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-06) Robinson, Moira
    This article is a review of various children’s picture books, including: Connah Brecon, "Sherlock Bones"; Gary Crew and Mark Wilson, "I Saw Nothing: The Extinction of the Thylacine", Libby Gleeson, illus. Ann James, "Shutting the Chooks In"; Elise Hurst, "The Elephants’ Big Day Out"; and Valanga Khoza, illus. Sally Rippin, "Gezani and the Tricky Baboon".
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    Winter Reading. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-06) Stewart, Lolla
    This article contains brief reviews of Gwenda Beed Davey and Graham Seal, "A Guide to Australian Folklore: From Ned Kelly to Aeroplane Jelly"; Miles Franklin, "Childhood at Brindabella", Hanifa Deen, "Caravanserai: Journey Among Australian Muslims"; Kristin Weidenbach, "Mailman of the Birdsville Track: The Story of Tom Kruse"; Joshua Slocum (edited and introduced by Tim Flannery), "Sailing Alone Around the World"; Cornelia Frances, "And What Have You Done Lately?", and Lisa Daniel and Claire Jackson, "The Bent Lens: A World Guide to Gay and Lesbian Films, Second Edition".
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