Auden, W.H.

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    W.H. Auden's 'The Shield of Achilles' and its sources
    (Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association, 1974-11) Daalder, Joost
    W.H. Auden's 'The Shield of Achilles', the title poem of the volume published by Faber and Faber in 1955, is coming to be regarded, and rightly so, as one of his finest and most significant creations after World War II. However, commentators on the poem (most of whom have offered a few brief remarks only) show little awareness of the sources which underlie it.
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    W.H. Auden's "Another Time"
    (Western Washington State College, 1972) Daalder, Joost
    The title-poem of Auden's volume 'Another Time' has received little critical attention. Here the author discusses Auden's understanding of time, and our place in it.
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    Yeats and Auden: Some Verbal Parallels
    (Oxford University Press, 1973) Daalder, Joost
    As has been previously observed, Auden verbally resembles Yeats on more than one occasion, and Yeats sometimes resembles Auden. But, as far as Daalder is aware, several genuine or possible parallels are yet to be discussed. Daalder's examples are meant to suggest that Auden imitates Yeats, alludes to him, or shows kinship with him; in this article, Daalder is not, however, concerned with Auden's impact on Yeats.
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    Echoes of Auden. "Cities and Strangers" by Paterson. [review]
    (Outrigger Publishers Ltd., 1977) Daalder, Joost
    Review of Alistair Paterson's book "Cities & Strangers" (Dunedin: Caveman Press, 1976).
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    Charles Brasch and the Betrayal of Romanticism
    (Outrigger Publishers Ltd., 1978) Daalder, Joost
    An extension of the author's 1972 essay, '"Disputed Ground" in the Poetry of Charles Brasch'. In this paper, Professor Daalder explains the spiritualizing influence of Wordsworth and Shelley on Brasch's early poems.