No 254 - September, 2003

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Gideon Haigh reviews David Flint's The Twilight of the Élites
Brian Matthews reviews Gary Linnell's Playing God and Steve Strevens: Bob Rose
Shirley Walker reviews Sean Monahan's A Long and Winding Road


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    Endless Crescendo. "Thicker Than Water" by Lindy Cameron, "The Castlemaine Murders" by Kerry Greenwood and "The Cutting: A Nullin Mystery" by Lee Tulloch. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-09) Dempsey, Dianne
    Organisations such as Sisters in Crime Australia claim as part of their charter the need to correct the imbalance in the treatment of women in the field. This is odd, given that Australian female writers and female sleuths are prolific and popular, and that the writing, as evidenced by these three novels, is generally rich and entertaining.
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    (Australian Book Review, 2003-09)
    This item is the August 2003 Bestsellers and Subscription Form page of this issue.
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    Sea of Possibilities. "How the Light Gets In" by M. J. Hyland and "Tristessa and Lucido" by Miriam Zolan. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-09) Byrne, Madeleine
    M.J. Hyland’s novel "How the Light Gets In" has attracted attention because of its forthcoming publication by the Scottish publisher Canongate, but also because the author’s life resembles that of the novel’s central character, Lou. Where Hyland’s writing is cool and precise, Miriam Zolin’s "Tristessa and Lucido" is a highly emotional description of thirty-something Theney and her life in Prospect, Nebraska.
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    Maintain Your Order
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-09) Lees, Stella
    This article is a review of Children's Picture Books, including: "Junkyard Dogs" by Margaret Balderson (illus. Janine Dawson), "Dancing Night, Tonight" by Ian Bone (illus. Anna Pignataro), "Hooray for Chester" by Rina A. Foti (illus. Ellen J. Hickman), "Cat and Fish" by Joan Grant (illus. Neil Curtis), "The Magic Fire at Warlukurlangu: A Dreaming Narrative Belonging to Dolly Daniels Granites Nampijinpa" Christine Nicholls (ed), "The Spotted Cat: A Dreaming Narrative Belonging to Molly Tasman Nappurrurla" Christine Nicholls (ed), "Dragons of Galapagos" by Bruce Whately.
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    Missing Drafts
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-09) Ridge, Judith
    This is a review of Young Adult Fiction including the works: "Infamous" by Justin D'Ath, "An Earful of Static" by Archimede Fusillo, "Ferret Boy" by Sue Lawson and "Night Singing" by Kierin Meehan.
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    Changing Scenery. "The Boy in the Green Suit" by Robert Hillman. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-09) McGirr, Michael
    The heart of this book is an account of one year in the life of its author. This is a book in which no one stays still for very long. It only sketches the reasons why this might be.
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