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    Some Renaissance elements in Malcolm Lowry's "Under the Volcano"
    (Erasmus Press, Kentucky, 1983-04) Daalder, Joost
    Malcolm Lowry's imagination is vitally in touch with that of many other authors and artists, notably with English Renaissance writers. The most important of these is obviously Marlowe, whose Faustus has a marked and explicit resemblance to the Consul. [...] The Consul's "hellish fall" is no doubt a warning to the "Shaken" M. Laruelle, and Lowry's tendency to use 'Doctor Faustus' for moral purposes is a central one in his book, as in the persistent dialogue between the good angel and the bad angel in the Consul's mind. The average educated reader of English will have little difficulty recognizing the Marlovian influence and the way Lowry uses Marlowe's masterpiece.