Australian Archaeology, Number 003, 1975

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This is a collection of articles from Issue Number 3, October 1975.


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    Journal Notifications
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
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    Restoration of Aboriginal Rock Art: The Moral Problem
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10) Maynard, Lesley
    Like every other human culture, traditional Aboriginal culture produced a variety of material objects whose physical forms conformed to patterns dictated by social pressures. The paper discusses the role of art in traditional Aboriginal society, and how European attitudes towards “art” may affect the procedures adopted in respect of Aboriginal Art.
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    The V.O. C. Ship Batavia 1629, Report on the Third Season of Excavation
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10)
    A report covering the first and second seasons of excavation of the Dutch Indiaman Batavia by the Western Australian Museum has already been published by Green (1975). This paper concentrates on the third season of excavation, 21st December, 1974 to the 2nd June, 1975 and deals with recording techniques, excavation methods and the results achieved. The main task during the 1975 season was to raise the 35 square metres of timber from the after part of the ship at the southern end of the wreck site. Once this work was completed the aim was to continue the excavation in the northern area, towards the bow half of the ship.
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    “James Matthews” Excavation Summer 1974-75
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10) Henderson, Graeme
    The aim of the 1974-75 excavation was to expose the hull for recording and to raise the cargo items and ship's equipment exposed during the process.
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    Kangaroo Island
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10) Lampert, Ronald John
    Continuation of the Kangaroo Island project, with a three month field reconnaissance, aimed at locating sites suitable for more intensive research.
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    Archaeology in South Australia - A Report on Recent Work
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-10) Pretty, G.L.
    The South Australian Museum has since 1972 operated as a division of the South Australian Department of Environment and Conservation. It operates by authority of the Museum Act (1939). The work of investigating archaeological sites, curating collections and supplying information about them falls to the Anthropology and Archaeology Branch. The work of gazetting, reserving, protecting and inspecting sites of public significance falls to the Museum's Aboriginal and Historic Relics Section by virtue of the Aboriginal and Historic Relics Preservation Act (1965). This report will detail the work of the South Australian Museum's Anthropology and Archaeology Branch.