Lawrence, D.H.

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    Background and Significance of D. H. Lawrence's "The Ladybird"
    (The D. H. Lawrence Review, 1982) Daalder, Joost
    "The Ladybird" has not fared particularly well at the hands of its critics. Critics have failed to see that it is not to be understood as an example of mimesis or realism but creates its own symbolic, mythical world.
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    Dogs and Foxes in D.H. Lawrence and W.H. Auden
    (Zeitschrift fur Anglistik und Amerikanistik, 1984) Daalder, Joost
    In writing 'The Fox' and 'Kangaroo', Lawrence was much preoccupied with the mentality of what one may roughly call "meddlers" and "authorities" on the one hand, and the fate of their victims on the other; the first group, described collectively, are "dogs", the second "foxes". As we shall see, Auden was interested in Lawrence's dichotomy and the bestiary images, but, in adapting it for his own purposes, he gives it a significantly different twist, showing his partial disagreement with Lawrence's values and attitudes.