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    Dark tourism
    (University of Wollongong, 2009) Brook, Heather Jane
    The phrase ‘dark tourism’ was coined by Lennon and Foley (2000) to describe a relatively new kind of sightseeing; one that attends sites of death, disaster and despair. This essay intertwines personal memoir and scholarly critique to reflect on prisons as places for dark tourism, and imprisonment more generally. Its fundamental contention is that as tourist attractions, former prisons have complex histories that resist easy digestion.
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    Berbagi Suami (Love for share): the discourse of polygamy in a recent Indonesian film
    (Australian National University, 2009) Kurnia, Novi
    This article considers Berbagi Suami (Love for Share), a post-New Order Indonesian film written and directed by an Indonesian female director, Nia Dinata, in 2006. The film brings together the separate stories of three different women (Salma, Siti and Ming) who live in polygamous marriages in a modern city, Jakarta, Indonesia. Although there is no accurate data on polygamous marriage in Indonesia in either official statistics or polygamy studies, Dinata estimated that about 10 per cent of households in Indonesia are polygamous. Indeed, polygamy has become a much more openly practiced form of marriage since the post-New Order era and is a matter of vigorous public debate.
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    The resignation of the Governor-General: family drama and national reproduction
    (UTS Publishing, 2009) Baird, Barbara Jean
    Peter Hollingworth resigned his position as Governor-General of Australia in May 2003 more than three years short of the term for which he had been appointed. His resignation came after nearly eighteen months of controversy over how he had handled cases of the sexual abuse of children while in his previous job as Archbishop of the Brisbane Diocese of the Anglican Church and the release of a report of a church inquiry which found him culpable.