Volume 3, Issue 3, November 2008

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    Excuse Me is our Heritage Showing? Representations of diasporic experiences across the generations
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2008-11) Wilson, Rita
    This paper examines the narration of diasporic experiences by writers of Italian descent. It investigates the ways in which relationships between 'home' and 'destination' cultures are negotiated across the generations. Narratives by three women writers are analysed to show how negotiating the tensions between nostalgia for the past and the needs of the present transforms and translates notions of 'home' for writers who are living 'in between' cultures.
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    "You’re on the List!" Writing the Australian Italian experience of war-time internment
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2008-11) Gatt-Rutter, John
    This paper compares the discursive and experiential valence of the two fullest autobiographical accounts of internment during the 1940s, written by Australian Italians (Claudio Alcorso and Peter Dalseno).
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    Connections with the Homeland: Community and individual bonds between South Australian Italian migrants from Caulonia (Calabria) and their hometown
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2008-11) Rose, Daniela
    Using oral testimonies provided by a number of 'cauloniesi' in South Australia and in Italy the author explores the cultural and emotional bonds that exist today between the Cauloniese migrants and their hometown. The connections include: community and personal bonds maintained with Caulonia, and the influence on cultural identity; the significance of return visits and the attitudes of the non-migrants in Caulonia towards their townsfolk who have settled in South Australia.
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    Migrating Madonnas: The Madonna della Montagna di Polsi in Calabria and in Australia
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2008-11) Papalia, Gerardo
    Looks at cultural bereavement as a condition that can severely compromise the psychological health of migrants. The Madonna della Montagna festa in Melbourne, albeit different to its Calabrian epigone, continues to perform a psychologically healing role.
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    Evaluations of Cultural Identity in the Personal Narratives of a Group of Tertiary Students of Italian Ancestry in Australia
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2008-11) Chiro, Giancarlo
    Examines the cultural identity of a group of tertiary students of Italian ancestry in Australia. In their personal narratives, the participants comment on their past and present experiences with respect to their Italian culture maintenance efforts and their attitudes toward Italian cultural values. The study follows in the humanistic sociological tradition, which seeks to understand the relationship between structure and agency through an analysis of both the activation of cultural values and their evaluation by active and reflective social agents.
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    Deprovincialising Italian Migration Studies: An overview of Australian and Canadian research
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2008-11) Iuliano, Susanna; Baldassar, Loretta
    This essay attempts to examine how historians, anthropologists and sociologists of Italian migration in Australia and Canada have built and expanded on Italian American perspectives to provide a more nuanced view of Italian migration.
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    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2008-11) O'Connor, Desmond John
    Overview of a special issue devoted to aspects of Italian settlement in Australia stemming from an international conference held at Flinders University in September 2007 entitled "Moving Cultures, Shifting Identities".