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    The business of death
    (Radio Adelaide, 2013-10) Corke, Charlie ; Wallworth, Lynette ; Adelaide Festival Corporation
    No one wants to talk about it, but we’re all going to have to do it sooner or later. Death, that is. Dr Charlie Corke and Lynette Wallworth, director of Tender discuss how to die well, or at least start the conversation.
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    Has global warming melted our brains?
    (Radio Adelaide, 2013-10) Sethi, Simran ; Adelaide Festival Corporation
    The issue of climate change has well and truly fallen off front pages and down the list of voter concerns. Is the concept of climate change, and how much is at stake, literally beyond our imagination? Simran Sethi digs into the globe’s collective mental block and maps out how we can overcome it by changing the conversation entirely.
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    The human face of Big Data
    (Radio Adelaide, 2013-10) Smolan, Rick ; Adelaide Festival Corporation
    Working with more than 100 journalists from around the world, Rick Smolan believes we’re witnessing the emergence of a global nervous system, with each of us human sensors. Does Big Data have the potential to be “humanity’s dashboard”? Smolan discusses a revolution that may have as big an impact as the internet.
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    Dissent and democracy: an audience with Anwar Ibrahim
    (Radio Adelaide, 2013-10) Ibrahim, Anwar ; Adelaide Festival Corporation
    Anwar Ibrahim is an internationally recognised champion of democracy. He has spent years championing free and fair electoral processes in Malaysia at great personal and political cost. Imprisoned and vilified, lauded around the world and lambasted in his own country, what sustains his ideals in an environment that appears devoid of political transparency? Where does he see the value in maintaining a viable opposition in Malaysia and how does this contribute to the development of democratic institutions? In the wake of the controversial May elections Anwar will discuss why he’s stubbornly stayed in public life and to what end.
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    Basic instinct: the heroic project of anti-discrimination law (Roma Mitchell Oration)
    (Radio Adelaide, 2013-10) Rice, Simon ; Adelaide Festival Corporation
    The model for Australia’s non-discrimination and equality opportunity laws has been largely unchanged for almost 40 years. How much has it achieved in changing social attitudes? Are we relying on laws that go too far and too hard at an issue with deep anthropological and cultural roots? Professor Simon Rice explores the problem of discrimination and possible new ways of tackling it.
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    Relaxed, comfortable and still not satisfied
    (Radio Adelaide, 2013-10) Keane, Bernard ; Crabb, Annabel ; Harcourt, Tim ; Adelaide Festival Corporation
    Australia survived the global financial crisis relatively unscathed. Our cities have some of the highest standards of living in the world. No doubt income inequality is getting wider, but it’s hard to argue with Australia’s relative prosperity from a global perspective. Bernard Keane and Annabel Crabb join Tim Harcourt to ask how we will cope when the going really gets tough.