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    A New Zealand Quarterly
    (Centre for Research in the New Literatures in English, Flinders University, 1979) Daalder, Joost
    The author concentrates on some very general questions which he thinks should be asked about any New-Zealand-based quarterly today, and finds that the issue of Landfall under discussion is concerning itself with these questions, steering some sort of middle course between the very apparent 'internationalism' of Pacific Quarterly and the no less conspicuous 'nationalism' of Islands.
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    Refreshing and Religious
    (Pacific Quarterly, Flinders University, 1978) Daalder, Joost
    A review of poetry by Tim Pickford. Many of Pickford's poems seem very personal ones, and are perhaps more striking for their sincerity and enthusiasm than for their poetic qualities.
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    Lack of Potency
    (Centre for Research in the New Literatures in English, Flinders University, 1984) Daalder, Joost
    The author discusses a collection of New Zealand short stories, and concludes his discussion by saying "that the quality of literature depends, not on time or place, but on the calibre of the author's ability to grasp fundamentals of human existence and to give imaginative shape to them."
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    Echoes of Auden. "Cities and Strangers" by Paterson. [review]
    (Outrigger Publishers Ltd., 1977) Daalder, Joost
    Review of Alistair Paterson's book "Cities & Strangers" (Dunedin: Caveman Press, 1976).
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    Requiescat in Pace [short story]
    (Outrigger Publishers Ltd, 1976) Daalder, Joost
    Published in 1976, 'Requiescat in Pace' is Professor Daalder's only work of fiction. This short story, set in New Zealand, paints a somber portrait of the final, mundane, days of the elderly protagonist's life in Dunedin.