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    Review of 'So Far Away: An Unfinished Odyssey' by Etiennette Fennell.
    (2010-05-03T05:30:38Z) Mrowa-Hopkins, Colette Marie
    Review of Etiennette Fennell's memoir 'So Far Away: An Unfinished Odyssey.'
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    Smiling and teasing as strategies masking anger among French and Australian cultural groups
    (Maison des Sciences de l'Homme de Montpellier: Montpellier, France., 2007) Mrowa-Hopkins, Colette Marie; Strambi, Antonella
    This paper reports on an ongoing project that is concerned with the interpretation and processing of emotion in communication, particularly anger, within an interactional dynamics perspective (Holtgraves, 1990). In a previous publication (Strambi & Mrowa 2007), we presented an analytical model and some preliminary analyses of ‘processing’ strategies for managing the communication of anger among friends across three cultural groups: Anglo-Australian, French and Italian. In this paper, we are presenting further elaborations on this model, and analyses from a non-verbal perspective of how smiling and teasing function in the construction and negotiation of anger scenarios among French and Anglo-Australian groups.
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    [BOOK REVIEW] Marie Emmitt, Linda Komesaroff and John Pollock (2006). Language and Learning: An Introduction for Teaching.
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2006-12) Mrowa-Hopkins, Colette Marie
    This book [Language and Learning: An Introduction for Teaching. 4th ed.]provides a foundation for understanding language in the classroom. It clearly appeals to a well-defined audience of language educators who are practising teachers of English or of another language, in any context, or involved in pre-service teacher education. It claims to “support teachers in expanding their knowledge about language and the implications for teaching” (p. x), and to oblige them to reflect upon and evaluate their practices. The authors are very explicit about enhancing their targeted readers’ “understanding of the nature and function of language and language learning in order to assist [their] decision-making in the classroom”, but, as they are quick to remark, “[t]his is not a ‘how to’ book” (p. xi).
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    Emotion communication and language socialisation. [abstract].
    (2006) Mrowa-Hopkins, Colette Marie; Strambi, Antonella
    In this paper, we wish to discuss ways in which cross-cultural pragmatics research can contribute to a language socialisation perspective in second language teaching and learning. We provide some background to our research project on the study of self-disclosure and negative emotion communication among three cultural groups, drawing on data collected in Anglo-Australian, French and Italian films. Our project involved the elaboration of a model of the cultural script of anger display in interactions involving male friends, and the observation and analysis of non-verbal responses based on a small corpus.
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    Socialising learners into emotion communication in a L2: Establishing a link between research data and classroom-based activities. [abstract].
    (2006) Strambi, Antonella; Mrowa-Hopkins, Colette Marie
    In this paper, we explore ways in which the results of our studies on emotion communication across cultures can be used as a starting point for material and activity design, within a language socialization approach. Starting from theoretical and pedagogical considerations, we will illustrate our rationale for material design, demonstrate some sample activities and suggest implementation strategies, as well as methods for evaluation.
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    Silence in Second Language Learning. Colette A. Granger (2004) [review]
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2004-11) Mrowa-Hopkins, Colette Marie
    A review of 'Silence in Second Language Learning' by Colette A. Granger published by Multilingual Matters LTD, Series: Second Language Acquisition 6 2004. ISBN 1-85359-697-3. The fundamental question that the author attempts to elucidate is: “What is the significance of silence in the process of learning to speak” (p. 5) in a second language? This puzzling question sits uneasily within the common sense view that speaking a language is helpful for learning it, and within the more theoretical view of the second language learning process as an apprenticeship into new discourse practices. This title may even seem unsettling, if not downright paradoxical, from a language pedagogy perspective entrenched in a Western tradition that requires classroom participants to engage in some kind of dialogic exchange. A further difficulty rests with the methodological issue of how to analyse the meaning of silence when the content is absent. Finally, one might question the usefulness of such an exploration. The author genuinely acknowledges these conflicting issues from the start and clearly states her intention to address them systematically. To this effect, she adopts a psychoanalytic theory as an interpretive framework for her study.
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    Upgrade Your French. M. Jubb (2002) [review]
    (Department of Languages, Flinders University, 2003-03) Mrowa-Hopkins, Colette Marie
    A review of 'Upgrade Your French' by M. Jubb (2002) published by Arnold 2002. ISBN 0 340 76345 0. This book was developed out of a need to offer students of French a user-friendly revision manual. Its format is that of a self-learning manual, which aims to provide learners with a systematic revision time of between 30 minutes to one hour every day for thirty days in preparation for the UK "A level" exam.