No 256 - November, 2003

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Bridget Griffen-Foley reviews Bruce Page's The Murdoch Archipelago
Alan Atkinson reviews Inga Clendinnen's Dancing with Strangers
Peter Craven reviews Elliot Perlman's Seven Types of Ambiguity
Martin Duwell reviews John Tranter's Studio Moon


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    Rumbles in the Zeitgeist. "Three Dog Night" by Peter Goldsworthy. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-11) Borghino, Jose
    It is difficult for non-Aboriginal novelists to deal adequately with Aboriginal experience in their work. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is general ignorance about Aboriginal experience. But another, more insidious, reason is self-censorship. Peter Goldworthy's "Three Dog Night" challenges these issues head-on, which may suggest a new stage in an ongoing debate.
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    Feisty Times. "Women on the Rocks: A Tale of Two Convicts" by Kristin Williamson. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-11) Dooley, Gillian Mary
    Early Sydney has beguiled many writers, and the latest to succumb is Kristin Williamson. She has combined an interest in the Rocks area with a self-confessed ‘obsession with our feisty female forebears’, and has produced an historical novel involving several real people. This book works well as a portrayal of a chaotic but vibrant society free of the rigid class structures of the home country, but "Women on the Rocks", for all its virtues, is a little too long, and the total effect is rather anodyne.
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    The Crack in the Teacup: Reading Hilary Mantel. [essay]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-11) Clendinnen, Inga
    This essay is a discussion of Hilary's Mantel's writing, especially her recently-published memoir which tells of her childhood, her development into a writer and her battle with serious illness.
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    Bestsellers / Subscriptions.
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-11)
    This is the October 2003 Bestsellers / Subscription page from this issue.
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    Information for Beginners. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-11) Robson Kett, Margaret
    This article is a review of various Children's Reference Books, including: Andrew Langley, "Oxford First Book of Space"; "On The Move: An Encyclopedia of Transport"; Linda Pitkin, "Journey Under The Sea"; Barbara Taylor, "Oxford First Book of Dinosaurs"; and Paul D. Taylor, "Fossil".
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    Ways of Seeing. [review]
    (Australian Book Review, 2003-11) Lowe, Virginia
    This is a review of various Children's Picture Books, including: David Cox, "Hello Puppy!"; Stephen Michael King, "Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat"; Penny Matthews, illus. Anna Pignataro, "Little Red Bear"; Liliana Stafford, illus. Susy Boyer, "Grandpa's Gate"; Esther Takac, illus. Anna Pignataro, "Loni and the Moon"; and Scott Willis, illus. Jenna Parker, "Enough is Enough".
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