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    What happens in Sargeson's "That Summer"? A study of romantic 'mateship'
    (Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, Singapore, 1985) Daalder, Joost
    Frank Sargeson's "That Summer" is, amongst his 'short' stories, not only by far the longest in the genre in which amongst New Zealand writers he probably reigns supreme, but also an important library work to study. The story - or short novel - has on the whole been well received, but hardly examined. [...] What happens in "That Summer"? And by this I do not mean that there are not a great many events which we can see, but rather [...] that we need to ask ourselves what happens that we do not see, both in terms of events and of significance.
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    Violence in the stories of Frank Sargeson
    (Massey University, New Zealand, 1986) Daalder, Joost
    'The stories of Frank Sargeson' contains the bulk of the short fiction produced by New Zealand's foremost writer. Despite Sargeson's fame, it seems that his stories, particularly those portraying violence, are generally misinterpreted.
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    "The Hole..." as Romantic. No. 1 of "Three readings of Sargeson's 'The Hole That Jack Dug'"
    (The South Pacific Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, 1986) Daalder, Joost
    The author suggests that one reason for accepting Frank Sargeson's stories as realistic is that there have been no close analyses of any of them. In discussing "The hole that Jack dug" the author aims to show that such a mature Sargeson story is indeed romantic, as well as to throw light on the way it is put together.
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    Taut and Colloquial: 'Frank Sargeson' by R.A. Copland [review]
    (Outrigger Publishers Ltd., 1977) Daalder, Joost
    Review of R.A. Copland's book, 'Frank Sargeson', (Wellington:1976).