Nick Prescott

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Dr Nick Prescott is a lecturer of English in the Department of English, Creative Writing and Australian Studies. He is also a member of the Adelaide Writers Week Board, and broadcasts weekly film reviews for the ABC.

Nick's research interests include:

  • Postmodern Literature
  • Contemporary American Fiction
  • Allusion and Intertextuality
  • Thomas Pynchon
  • Don DeLillo
  • Philip K. Dick and Paranoia
  • Contemporary Cinema and Intertextuality
  • Fiction as Socio-political Commentary and Critique
  • Nick's extensive supervisory interests include:

  • Postmodern Literature and Theory
  • 20th Century American Fiction
  • Crime and Detective Fiction
  • Genre Fiction
  • Science Fiction, in particular the works of Philip K. Dick
  • Literature and Film Adaptation
  • Literature and Intertextuality
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