Proceedings of the 9th Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies, 2011

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The papers in this volume discuss many issues in Greek studies. The papers deal with ancient Greek and Byzantine philosophy, philology, the history of Greece and the Greek world, the history of the Greek Diaspora, and the teaching of the Greek language. They cover a considerable span of time and space, crossing the boundaries of various fields of research. The papers on the ancient world range from discussions of Athenian pagan philosophy in the fifth century BCE to Christian criticisms of pagan thought in Egyptian Alexandria in the sixth century CE. The papers on the medieval and Modern Greek world range from discussions of Byzantine Orthodoxy to debates about the significance of Greek textiles in twenty first century Australia. The papers display the diachronic and multidimensional relevance of Greek studies in the current world. All of the papers were submitted to independent referees. Those that passed the scrutiny of the referees were revised in the light of their comments. Sincere thanks are extended to our referees who have provided considerable support in their field of expertise in order to make this publication scholarly and academically sound and useful for the future. Our gratitude is also extended to Maria Sakellaridis who has formatted the texts and organised the publication in a creative and impeccable manner.