Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity

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The Southgate Institute for Health Society and Equity is a national centre for research on the social determinants of health and wellbeing, and health equity. It builds on the reputation of Flinders University for conducting policy and practice-relevant research. The Southgate Institute’s research focus is on what can be done about the underlying factors that determine the distribution of health and wellbeing outcomes, with a particular emphasis on labour markets, social exclusion, housing, structure of suburban environments; economic social and structural determinants of risky and unhealthy behaviours; and social cultural and economic barriers to health and other related service use. The Southgate Institute aims to attract significant external research income, host and facilitate high profile researchers to visit South Australia and Flinders University, build a multi-disciplinary network of researchers at Flinders University with diverse research interests relating to health, society and equity; engage with policy makers and conduct policy relevant research; and encourage the development of early career researchers. SACHRU has been part of the Southgate Institute for a number of years, and will cease to exist at the end of 2013.