More Weight.'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller. State Theatre Company with Urban Myth Theatre Company. [review]

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Bramwell, Murray Ross
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The Adelaide Review
The Crucible was first performed fifty years ago and repeatedly since, because it not only describes the exponential insanity of the McCarthy period but those numerous occasions before and since when a community is goaded into such insecurity that it turns on outsiders or minorities within its number. State Theatre Company and director Rosalba Clemente can not have imagined how closely the themes and concerns of Miller’s play could be so congruent to current circumstances. The Crucible is a study of a religious fundamentalism that can recognise only the most extreme binaries, reducing even manifestly obvious commonsense to a distorted and distorting logic that creates hysteria in the grammar of language itself.
Theatre Reviews, Drama Reviews, Theatre, Drama, Dunstan Playhouse, Cath Cantlon, Mark Shelton, Rosalba Clemente, Emily Hunt, Nicholas Eadie, Sarah Dunn, Margot Fenley, Geoff Revell, Rob McPherson, Roger Newcombe, Edwin Hodgeman, Barbara West
Bramwell, Murray 2003. More Weight. Review of 'The Crucible' by Arthur Miller,'The Adelaide Review', April, no.235, 19-20.