Cross-cultural care program for aged care staff: An online self-directed learning program

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Xiao, Lily Dongxia
Willis, Eileen Mary
Harrington, Ann Chrystine
Gillham, David
De Bellis, Anita Marie
Morey, W
Jeffers, Lesley
AnglicareSA Inc
Resthaven Inc
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Cultural and linguistic diversity between residents and staff is significant in residential aged care homes in Australia. This diversity generates many opportunities for aged care organisations to address equitable and culturally appropriate care for residents. However, the diversity can also be a challenge to achieving high-quality care for residents and to staff cohesion. The ‘Cross-Cultural Care Program for Aged Care Staff: An online self-directed learning program’ is an evidence-based and interactive learning program developed in a large action research project. This program includes five learning modules that cover most care activities in residential aged care homes. These modules are: • Module 1: An introduction to cross-cultural care for new staff and ‘Work-related English Language Resources for Staff’ • Module 2: Cross-cultural Communication • Module 3: Cross-cultural leadership • Module 4: Cross-cultural dementia care • Module 5: Cross-cultural end of life care The program gives staff an option to learn in a self-directed and flexible learning manner. A self-directed learning portfolio is presented to assist staff to document the evidence of their learning and apply knowledge to their own practice. Staff may use the evidence as part of their professional development.
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license
Aged care, cross-cultural care, cross-cultural communication, dementia care, end of life care, leadership, migrant care workers, workforce development
Xiao , L., Willis , E., Harrington , A., Gillham , D., De Bellis , A., Morey , W., & Jeffers , L. (2017, June 30). Cross-cultural care program for aged care staff: An online self-directed learning program. Retrieved from Cross-cultural care program for aged care staff Subtitle: An online self-directed learning program