On Some Themes in Parmenides

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Mortensen, Chris
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Flinders University Department of Languages - Modern Greek
Parmenides has been widely regarded as someone whose main assertions are outrageously false, since he seems to have denied change, motion and diversity. In this note I will show that, while there is some justice in the received view, nonetheless there are important insights to be gained from taking his position seriously. Along the way, I will register agreement or disagreement, where appropriate, with the papers by Scott Mann and Peter Woolcock in this volume. My final position is more in agreement with Mann than Woolcock, though I have disagreements with both.
Greek Research, Greece, Australia, Chris Mortensen
Mortensen, Chris 2009. On Some Themes in Parmenides. In M. Rossetto, M. Tsianikas, G. Couvalis and M. Palaktsoglou (Eds.) "Greek Research in Australia: Proceedings of the Eighth Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies, Flinders University June 2009". Flinders University Department of Languages - Modern Greek: Adelaide, 79-84.