Interview with Molly Byrne

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Byrne, Molly [Interviewee]
Allen, Margaret [Interviewer]
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Interview with Mrs Molly Byrne by Dr Margaret Allen. Molly Byrne was the first Labor woman elected to the South Australian Parliament in 1965 representing the seat of Barossa. Later, she represented the seats of Todd and Tea Tree Gully until 1979. She was also the first woman member of the S.A. Parliament to sit in the Speaker’s Chair in an Official Capacity, when on 13 September 1972 she was Acting Deputy Speaker. The interview was held on 1st March and 15th March, 2007.
Don Dunstan Oral History Project interview transcripts. The transcript of this interview is open and available for public use without requiring permission.
Don Dunstan, South Australia, Dunstan government, Molly Byrne, Women politicians, Women in politics, Australian Labor Party, Unions, Election campaigns, Elections, Electoral reform, Legislative Council, Adult suffrage, Caucus, Parliament, Modbury Hospital, Consumer legislation, Social justice