Hippias of Elis and his Pursuit of Justice.

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O'Grady, Patricia Frances
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Department of Languages - Modern Greek
Hippias’ involvement in the conception of justice forms the philosophical topic of this paper. Hippias did not, of course, invent justice. In order to understand the transition of Justice to justice, we need to go back to the great god, Zeus, to meet his daughter, Δίκη (Dike), who is the personification of Justice. We will relate the notion of Justice as Homer and Hesiod expressed it, and trace its evolution by referring to a number of significant Greeks up to the time of Hippias in about 450 BC. Attention will be given to Hippias’ association with Socrates, to his (Hippias’) conception of justice, and the dichotomy between natural law and man-made law.
Greek Research
O'Grady, Patricia 2007. Hippias of Elis and his Pursuit of Justice. In E. Close, M. Tsianikas and G. Couvalis (eds.) "Greek Research in Australia: Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial International Conference of Greek Studies, Flinders University June 2005", Flinders University Department of Languages - Modern Greek: Adelaide, 19-26.