The Last Place to Love. "The Bread with Seven Crusts", by Susan Temby. [review]

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Tetaz, Carolyn
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Australian Book Review
"The Bread with Seven Crusts" is primarily the story of the relationship between Giuseppe Lazaro, an Italian POW, and Eddy Nash, an Australian nurse. It is an earnest book that tackles some rich and interesting themes. You can see the potential in Temby’s novel, at times you can even feel it straining through the writing, but it remains unrealised. Temby covers a decent range of issues, obtaining good mileage from her material, and her depiction of Australia during World War II is convincing. She deals with war as a crucible, particularly in the lives of women; the unrelenting grind of poverty in rural Australia; the tensions of crosscultural relationships; the guilt and retribution of postwar marriages; the acceptance and experience of migrants in Australia, and the experience of exile and imprisonment.
Australian, Book Reviews, Publishing
Tétaz, Carolyn 2002. The Last Place to Love. Review of "The Bread with Seven Crusts" by Susan Temby. 'Australian Book Review', No 244, September, 63.