Active ageing and employment in rural SA: a Health in All Policies project

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Osborne, Katy
Newman, Lareen Ann
Ramanathan, Rama
Williams, Carmel
Wildgoose, Deborah
Foote, Amy
Ludford, Isobel
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South Australian Community Health Research Unit
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The South Australian (SA) Health in All Policies (HiAP) initiative provides a framework and mandate for intersectoral policy work on the social determinants of health. Participation in decent and meaningful employment is a key social determinant of health, and is also an important strategy to promote ‘active ageing’ in the population. This paper reports on an intersectoral project undertaken by the Health In All Policies Unit and Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSA LHN) in collaboration with Flinders University’s SA Community Health Research Unit and Southgate Institute for Health Society & Equity. The project Active Ageing and Employment in Regional South Australia aims to identify policy levers to increase the workforce retention and re-entry for rural people aged 45+. The project is designed to do this by building the capacity of the regional health workforce to address the social determinants of health in collaboration with agencies outside of the health system. The project partners have adopted a ‘learning by doing’ strategy with the focus on employment and ageing.
Employment, Rural areas, Australia, Ageing populations, Health policy, Health in All Policies
Osborne, K., Newman, L., R amanathan , R . , Williams, C., Wildgoose, D., Foote, A. and Ludford, I. , 20 13 . Active ageing and employment in rural South Australia: a Health in All Policies project . 12th National Rural Health Conference, Adelaide , 7 - 10 April 2013: S trong commitment. Bright future, 1 - 13