Digital Education in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: Discipline Discussions

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Cornelius-Bell, Aidan
Tikhonova, Daria
Bouvet, Eric
Schech, Susanne
Ngo, Mai
Parisot, Eric
Diaz-Martinez, Javier
Kane, James
Carter, Helen
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Flinders University
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Flinders University
The research reported here was undertaken by the Digital Education Working Group (DEWG) to achieve the following four objectives, in line with the CHASS Digital Education Action Plan: 1. To better understand the perspectives on, experiences with and plans for digital education across the College to inform further strategy or changes in the College’s approach to digital education. 2. To scope the professional learning and resourcing needs in a systematic and robust way to ensure adequate support is being provided. 3. To gather insights on current discipline-based models of learning and teaching to inform recommendations on the scholarship of teaching, particularly online teaching models. 4. To synthesise current good practice examples. The DEWG research team worked with eight discipline groups across CHASS in 2021: Archaeology, English, Geography, History, Indigenous Studies, Languages, Philosophy, and Screen and Media. This report serves as a high-level synthetic overview of the results of in-depth focus group interviews conducted with staff and makes recommendations about ways forward for digital education, with relevant stakeholders identified at College and University levels. Here, DEWG and the College’s executive leadership team hold responsibility for understanding, driving, improving and supporting the digital education strategies in the College. The report summarises key findings across several key areas.
CC BY-NC-ND Flinders University
Digital education, University education, Pedagogy, Technology enhanced teaching and learning
Cornelius-Bell, A., Tikhonova, D., Bouvet, E., Schech, S., Ngo, M., Parisot, E., Diaz-Martinez, J., Kane, J., & Carter, H. (2021). Digital Education in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: Discipline Discussions. Flinders University.