Ethics and speaking up on matters of care - from an Aboriginal perspective

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Hodgson, Vicki
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Flinders University
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This abstract is about presenting to the higher research students of this college about the ethics of talking with Aboriginal people in research work. Presented will be the learning and development of a research model that has taken two distinctive pathways. The first pathway of walking in culture, knowing traditions, leaning into relationships and adhering to protocols and the other pathway is about the ethics of doing research in Aboriginal communities. This journey with its deeper learning of Aboriginal people and with its local perspective locates the researcher in a process that weaves from the conversations a story work into themes. As a bridge over these two distinctive knowledges is a guide for design and delivery with beneficial outcomes. A National framework for ethical conduct in research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is that bridge. Speaking up about their lived experiences has been a small group of South Australia Aboriginal families that represent different clan groups and they care for one or more person(s) living with a disability in Adelaide. Capturing these lived stories is an Arabana woman researcher to achieve this outcome of ethical conduct.
This abstract was prepared for the inaugural 'HDR Student Conference', Flinders University, November 2018. Copyright © the author
Aboriginal families, Ethics and benefits, Empowered, Cultural methods, Aboriginal perspective
Hodgson, Vicki (2018, November) Ethics and speaking up on matters of care - from an Aboriginal perspective Paper presented at 'HDR Student conference', Flinders University, Bedford Park.