Goal setting with older adults: Client and staff experiences in Transition Care Program

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Baker, Nicky
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Flinders University
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Goals are a fundamental component of health care and promote person-centred practice by encouraging collaborative discussions and shared decision making. Transition Care Program (TCP) is a federally funded, goal-orientated, therapy-focussed program that provides additional time after an acute health event for older adults to improve functional ability and decide on final discharge destination. This research investigated the client and staff experiences of goals in TCP through interviews and focus groups. Through thematic analysis, clear intrinsic and extrinsic facilitators were identified, including the visceral pull of 'home' and the effectiveness of explicit, consistent goal language. Client-related barriers emerged, such as the physical, cognitive and emotional effects of fatigue. These were compounded by service barriers. This research provides opportunity to improve person-centred care for older adults by integrating consistent language, addressing service barriers in clinical practice and incorporating client goals into the service KPIs.
This abstract was prepared for the inaugural 'HDR Student Conference', Flinders University, November 2018. Copyright © the author
Goals, Older adults, Health, Transition Care, Implications
Baker, Nicky (2018, November) Goal setting with older adults: Client and staff experiences in Transition Care Program Paper presented at 'HDR Student conference', Flinders University, Bedford Park.