Using electronic literature in online learning and teaching

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Burford, Sally
Haggis, Jane
McBain, Ian
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Educause Australia
Copyright (2003) The authors
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Academics have traditionally guided the reading of students to inject a range of scholarly perspectives into a course. The use of the literature is an important part of developing critical thinking skills and part of becoming a member of a discipline. The Flinders University Library's Electronic Reserve developments offer a way for teachers to deliver the literature of a discipline using internet technologies. Where distance education is provided in the online mode, Electronic Reserve has become an integral part of the learning environment. Access to a list of subject readings available on Electronic Reserve can be incorporated into a WebCT site. Alternatively, teachers can link to a specific article that may form the basis of a structured learning activity such as an online discussion. This open system incorporates material from several formats, principally electronic journals and scanned articles. Unlike the proprietary systems available it doesn't limit academics and students to the output of particular groups of publishers. Copyright compliance is managed by the Library. At present, copyright laws limit what can be provided from books but it is hoped that future developments in electronic books will overcome these restrictions.
Academic readings, information literacy, critical thinking skills, Electronic Reserve
Using electronic literature in online learning and teaching McBain, I., Burford, S. & Haggis, J. 2003, Using electronic literature in online learning and teaching, paper presented at EDUCAUSE in Australasia, Adelaide, 6-9 May.