Pauvre Jacques

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Gillian Dooley (transcriber)
Jane Austen (copyist)
Marquise de Travenet (composer/lyricist)
Marie Antoinette, Queen of France (composer/lyricist)
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Southampton University Library (Internet Archive)
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This is a transcript of a manuscript song in one of Jane Austen's music books, digitised by the University of Southampton Library. No composer is given in the manuscript. Many arrangements of this tune are recorded in various indexes, in different keys. In some the tune is attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette and the words to the Marquise de Travenet (1753-1828), or vice versa. There is a French Wikipedia page for this song which gives details of the various theories and further references, and provides a date of 1789. It is supposed to have been inspired by the story of a Swiss dairy-maid employed by Marie Antoinette.
This is a link to the catalogue record for this item at the University of Southampton Library, which includes a link to the digitised manuscript.
Marie Antoinette, Marquise de Travenet, Jane Austen, French songs, love songs
Pauvre Jacques. Manuscript in Jane Austen's hand. Austen family music books : Songs: [a musical miscellany, chiefly, but not exclusively, vocal, some handwritten, some printed, originally in the possession of the family of Jane Austen] CHWJA/19/07:44