The impact of the Exceptional Care Education Program: An evaluation using institutional ethnography

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Yu, Stephen
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Flinders University
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Introduction: The Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) leadership team is committed to achieving a positive culture of engagement and communication to enhance patient-centred care. Reports of perceived negative staff attitudes, inefficient sharing of information with patients and inadequate treatment have raised concerns about a 'disconnect' between the practices of some healthcare professionals and NALHNs vision of care delivery. These concerns led the NALHN leadership team to request the development of an Exceptional Care Education Program (ECEP) for staff. Aim: The aim of the ECEP was to improve healthcare delivery through reinforcement of the values of NALHN. This study will evaluate the impact of the ECEP on the healthcare professionals, and is funded by NALHN. Methodology: This study uses institutional ethnography (IE). IE seeks to examine the social relations and social organisations from the standpoint of the people within the institution. Through the exploration of the participants' workplace, together with their knowledge of the organisational culture, IE can provide an understanding of how the practices of healthcare professionals are coordinated within the institutional processes. By using IE, this study aims to gather evidence about the impact of the ECEP on: healthcare professionals' understanding of their role; the translation of the program's goals into practice; and the work culture that may influence the behaviour of healthcare professionals in patient care delivery. Methods: Phase 1 includes observation and interviews with healthcare professionals and review of documents informing healthcare delivery; Phase 2 involves interviews with key stakeholders of the ECEP. Implications: The significance of this study will emerge from findings that probe the underlying factors influencing healthcare professionals' delivery of patient care. Findings from this proposed study may inform policy changes and healthcare professionals' work culture.
This abstract was prepared for the inaugural 'HDR Student Conference', Flinders University, November 2018. Copyright © the author
Healthcare services, Qualitative studies, Institutional ethnography
Yu, Stephen (2018, November) The impact of the Exceptional Care Education Program: An evaluation using institutional ethnography Paper presented at 'HDR Student conference', Flinders University, Bedford Park.