Food service satisfaction in aged care facilities: Development of a toolkit of instruments for the measurement of change

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Pankhurst, Morgan
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Flinders University
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Introduction: Although the average life span of Australian citizens is increasing, the final ten years may be accompanied by illness and disability thereby increasing the demand for residential aged care. Satisfaction with food service is a major factor in overall satisfaction and is important for the resident, resident's family, staff, cooks and management of the facility. There are currently limited valid and reliable tools available for measuring this construct and most tools investigate only the resident's perspective. As nursing homes are a complex system, a key gap is investigating other stakeholders that contribute to the food service setting as ultimately, this impacts the experience of the resident. Methods: Mixed method study underpinned by systems theory utilising qualitative interviews with stakeholders to develop quantitative instruments for measuring satisfaction. Transcripts will be analysed thematically to understand the factors (themes) relevant to stakeholders. Items for each questionnaire will be developed and content validity determined through an expert panel. Ethics approval has been obtained to recruit participants in nursing homes across Australia. Each instrument will undergo test/retesting and factor analysis will be conducted using SPSS to refine the tool. Implications: The development of a tool kit of instruments to measure change will enable residential aged care facilities to monitor quality improvement and detect areas of dissatisfaction within the food service system. Further, the revised Aged Care Quality Standards have a focus on stakeholder engagement and require homes to provide evidence of same, this tool kit will provide a valid and reliable way of ensuring this criteria is met.
This abstract was prepared for the inaugural 'HDR Student Conference', Flinders University, November 2018. Copyright © the author
Aged care, Food service, Dietetics
Pankhurst, Morgan (2018, November) Food service satisfaction in aged care facilities: Development of a toolkit of instruments for the measurement of change Paper presented at 'HDR Student conference', Flinders University, Bedford Park.