Gorgopotamos and after: Tom Barnes' Greek archive 1942-45

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Barnes, Katherine
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Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand
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Cecil Edward (Tom) Barnes took part in the famous sabotage operation of the Gorgopotamos Bridge in November 1942 as leader of the demolition party. Remaining in Greece after the attack, he rose to become one of two Area Commanders for the Allied Military Mission in Greece. The archive he left behind at his death in 1952 includes over 1000 photos, war diaries, letters and reports, mainly relating to his experiences in Greece. This study demonstrates how these eye-witness records illuminate important aspects of these critical years in modern Greek history including the Gorgopotamos operation itself and the trek across Greece which followed, the “Animals” operation which was conducted to convince Hitler that the Allied landings would take place in Greece and distract his attention from Sicily, surrender overtures from the German commander in Epirus (General Hubert von Lanz), and the so-called first two rounds of Civil War in 1943 and 1944.
© 2019 the author
Gorgopotamos Bridge, Barnes, Cecil Edward (Tom), Allied Military Mission, World War II, Allied Military Mission, German occupation of Greece
Barnes, K 2019, 'Gorgopotamos and after: Tom Barnes' Greek archive 1942-45', Journal of Modern Greek Studies (Australia and New Zealand) — Special Issue, pp. 163-185.