Assessing the access and value of online health information resources

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Adams, Amanda
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Flinders University
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Introduction: User-based evaluations of usability undertaken during development of online health information and evidence resources generates valuable feedback identifying user interface issues, information architecture inconsistencies or navigation difficulties. Problem identification form the basis of iterative prototype improvements and dependence lies within user characteristics of user-testers whose recruitment is inherently skewed toward highly experienced, motivated and technological savvy individuals. Diversity in experience, attitudes, socioeconomic status, dis/ability, age and geographic location provides opportunity to identify ranges of usability and accessibility issues. Whilst outcomes from user-based evaluation methods are widely reported within the literature for e-devices, software and websites for user experience (UX), there is limited research on new modes of online resources such as online health toolkits (OHT). Objectives: The purpose of this research is assessing the role of usability and accessibility evaluations undertaken during development of OHT and investigating the influence of user characteristics on access and value of UX within the palliative care domain. METHODS Three independent studies will be conducted. The first is a systematic mapping review of the literature classifying current evaluation methods undertaken during development of OHT. The second examines application of a website evaluation model to the development of a palliative care online toolkit investigating outcomes as measures of UX. The final study will investigate how levels of user-testers digital readiness influence concepts and knowledge of palliative care and implications of interface design. Implications: Expected outcomes will inform a standardised approach for development of OHT, providing development, evaluation and implementation guidance producing valuable, useable and accessible online health information sources improving the UX.
This abstract was prepared for the inaugural 'HDR Student Conference', Flinders University, November 2018. Copyright © the author
Palliative care, Internet, Information, Usability, Evaluation
Adams, Amanda (2018, November) Assessing the access and value of online health information resources Paper presented at 'HDR Student conference', Flinders University, Bedford Park.