Time for change: Northern CMHS workflow observation report

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This report outlines key workflow observations at the Northern Community Mental Health Service (Northern CMHS). The study was undertaken by researchers from the Flinders University Digital Health Research Lab between July - September, 2022. The workflow observation study was designed to capture and document current work processes, with a view to identifying potential digital enhancements to Northern CMHS workflow, including potential use cases for the AI2 software programme (soon to be relaunched as the CareMappr programme). As such, the study formed a dual baseline protocol for the AI2 beta software platform which at that stage had been deployed in the Northern CMHS for testing purposes but was still under-utilised. AI2 is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that identifies and flags non-adherent patients for review. The existing platform designed and developed by the team at the Digital Health Research Lab led by Associate Professor Niranjan Bidargaddi uses automated algorithms to track My Health Record (myHR) data, including medicines dispensed, to identify patient care gaps and provide alerts on a clinician dashboard.
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Public health medicine research areas, Mental health care
Patrickson, B., Bidargaddi, N., Gully, G., & McKenzie, I. (2022). Time for change: Northern CMHS workflow observation report. Flinders University.