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This collection consists of transcripts by Gillian Dooley of a selection of items from the Austen family music collections owned by the Jane Austen’s House Museum and descendants of the Austen family, and held at the Hampshire Records Office, Winchester, and at Chawton House Library. Many of these transcripts were made directly from the manuscripts during a research trip to England in 2010. Other items are transcriptions or arrangements of items in the collection found in other sources. A major research project at Southampton University, led by Professor Jeanice Brooks, is studying these collections and their place in the wider musical culture of the period. Digital images of the full collection of music are now available online at

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    Jane Austen: The French Connection
    (2020-10-17) Dooley, Gillian
    Concert program for Jane Austen: The French Connection, held at the Barr Smith Library Reading Room on Sunday 17 October 2020. A concert of French music from Jane Austen's music collection and that of her family. Songs by Paisiello, Devienne, Gretry, Storace and even (possibly) Queen Marie Antoinette, with music for solo harp by Krumpholtz and Dalayrac. Gillian Dooley (voice), Christine Morphett (harp), Mark Smith (cello).
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    Seaton Clifts
    (Southampton University Library (Internet Archive), 1785) Gillian Dooley (transcriber); Jane Austen (copyist); Philip Hayes (arranger)
    'To thy Cliffs rocky Seaton adieu. Adieu to Seaton Cliffs.' [Song.] ... The Words & Melody ... by a Gentleman of Oxford, at whose request Dr P. Hayes added a Bass and the Accompaniments.London : Printed for the Author ... by S. A. & P. Thompson, [1785?]. In Austen's manuscript she spells 'cliffs' as 'clifts'.
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    Pauvre Jacques
    (Southampton University Library (Internet Archive), 1789) Gillian Dooley (transcriber); Jane Austen (copyist); Marquise de Travenet (composer/lyricist); Marie Antoinette, Queen of France (composer/lyricist)
    This is a transcript of a manuscript song in one of Jane Austen's music books, digitised by the University of Southampton Library. No composer is given in the manuscript. Many arrangements of this tune are recorded in various indexes, in different keys. In some the tune is attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette and the words to the Marquise de Travenet (1753-1828), or vice versa. There is a French Wikipedia page for this song which gives details of the various theories and further references, and provides a date of 1789. It is supposed to have been inspired by the story of a Swiss dairy-maid employed by Marie Antoinette.
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    Laisse la sur l'herbette
    (1810) Gillian Dooley [transcriber]; Austen, Jane [copyist]; Pollet, Benoit (attrib.)
    Transcript of song in Jane Austen's handwriting in an album (catalogue no. CHWJA/19/7:18) digitised by University of Southampton at Internet Archive. Also includes English translation of words. Manuscript is online at A song with this title by Benoit Pollet is held by University of Oxford Library with the title 'Le refus'. The tune is the same, with a different accompaniment and slight variations in the ornamentation of the refrain, and the words of verse 3 have significant differences.
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    Jessy, or the happy pair
    (London Magazine, 1747) Gillian Dooley [transcriber]; Moore, Edward
    Song from Austen music collections, CHWJA/19/1:20. Transcribed from manuscript for performance. MS available online at Words found in 'The Poetical Works of Edward Moore (London, 1806) p 143-4.
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    Colin and Lucy: a ballad in seven parts for high voice and piano
    (J. Dale, 1783) Gillian Dooley [transcriber]; Giordani, Tommaso; Tickell, Thomas;
    Colin and Lucy (1783), A ballad in seven parts for high voice and piano; Music by Tommaso Giordani (c1730-1806), Words by Thomas Tickell (1685-1740), Transcribed and arranged for vocal duet by Gillian Dooley (2017) from the copy in the Austen Family Music Books reference no. CHWJA/19/8.
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    Jane Austen's Songs of the Sea [Concert program]
    (South Australian Maritime Museum, 2017-11-04) Dooley, Gillian Mary
    Among the music in Jane Austen’s personal music collection are many songs about sailors and the sea. Britain was at war for most of Austen’s lifetime and two of her brothers were naval officers. The program includes songs about life at sea and coming home, songs about the wives and families left behind, sailors’ love songs, and songs about war and revolution. Many of the songs are drawn from the rich folk heritage of the period. Others are written by composers including William Shield, Samuel Arnold, Stephen Storace and the prolific Charles Dibdin, whose comic and sentimental songs Austen seems to have been especially fond of. There are arrangements of Haydn and Handel tunes, and there is even a love song written by Matthew Flinders – the colleague of Jane Austen’s younger brother.
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    Dirges and Sad Ditties from Jane Austen's Music Collection [concert program]
    (Flinders Institute for Research in the Humanities, 2017-07-16) Dooley, Gillian Mary
    Program for closing concert of Immortal Austen conference (Adelaide: July 2017) presented by Flinders University. Performers were Gillian Dooley, Nicola Hardie Beveridge, Chris Rawlinson, Kirstine Moffat and Alistair Knight. The music was selected from the Austen Family Music Collection. Includes extensive program notes.
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    'Thorough Bass and Human Nature: A Musical Tour Through Pride and Prejudice' [concert program]
    (2012-11-04) Dooley, Gillian Mary; Damarell, Raechel; McCauley, Fiona
    The concert program from 'Thorough Bass and Human Nature: A Musical Tour through Pride and Prejudice', presented on Sunday 4 November 2012 at the State Library of South Australia. Gillian Dooley (soprano), Raechel Damarell (mezzo soprano) and Fiona McCauley (piano)
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    The Mansion of Peace
    (2012-01-23) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Austen, Jane [transcriber]; Webbe, Samuel; McCauley, Fiona [arranger]
    Transcribed from sheet music downloaded from Lester Levy Collection at Johns Hopkins University. The song is no 3.36 in the manuscript book in Jane Austen's hand described in Gammie and McCulloch's catalogue 'Jane Austen's Music', held by the Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton.
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    The Wedding Day
    (2011-12-30) Hook, James; Austen, Jane [transcriber]
    This song is no. 3:24 in Gammie and McCulloch's catalogue in 'Jane Austen's Music', written in Jane Austen's handwriting. The present document is a transcript of sheet music published in Boston by P.A. von Hogan & Co.
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    Sweet Transports
    (2011-12-30) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Shield, William; Austen, Jane [transcriber]
    This song is no. 3.09 in Gammie and McCulloch's 'Jane Austen's Music', transcribed by Jane Austen. This transcription is by G. Dooley from the sheet music published in New York by J. Hewitt and appears similar in most respects to the Austen MS.
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    Dear is my little native vale
    (2011-05-28T14:48:38Z) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Hook, James; McCauley, Fiona [arranger]
    Dear is my little native vale', a song by James Hook.
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    The Thorn
    (2011-05-28T13:48:30Z) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Shield, William; McCauley, Fiona [arranger]
    An arrangement in C major of the song The Thorn by William Shield.
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    Nymphs and Shepherds
    (2011-05-28T12:52:16Z) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Arne, Thomas; McCauley, Fiona [arranger]
    Nymphs and Shepherds, an aria for soprano by Thomas Arne.
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    The Sweets of May: Jane Austen in the Garden [concert program]
    (2011-05-08T13:16:33Z) Dooley, Gillian Mary; McCauley, Fiona [pianist]
    Programs for 'The Sweets of May: Jane Austen in the Garden', a concert of music from the Austen family collections, presented at St John's Church, Reid, Australian Capital Territory on 17 April 2011 and St David's Church, Burnside, South Australia on 1 May 2011.
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    The Request
    (2011-01-22T14:47:07Z) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Vogler, [Gerald][composer]; Austen, Jane [transcriber]
    Song with keyboard accompaniment: First line 'Tell me babbling echo why'.
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    The Egyptian Love Song
    (2011-01-22T14:46:52Z) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Harington, Henry [composer]; Austen, Jane [transcriber]
    Duet by Henry Harington. First line: 'Sweet doth blush the rosy morning'.
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    Song in 'La Fee Urgele'
    (2011-01-22T14:46:36Z) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Duni, Egidio Romualdo [composer]; Phillidor [attributed]; Austen, Jane [transcriber]
    Song from La Fee Urgele: first line 'Ah! que l'amour est chose jolie'.
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    The Soldier's Adieu
    (2011-01-22T14:46:07Z) Dooley, Gillian Mary [transcriber]; Dibdin, Charles [composer]; Austen, Jane [transcriber]; Donley, Joyce [transcriber]
    Song with violin and keyboard accompaniment, sung by soldier farewelling his wife. 3 verses with refrain. Austen originally wrote 'soldier' as in the published version, but crossed out the word and replaced it with 'sailor'.