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    Radionuclide and stable elements in flora from Australian arid environments
    (Flinders University, 2021-04-30) Popelka-Filcoff, Rachel S ; Rea, Maria Angelica ; Johansen, Mathew P ; Payne, Timothy E ; Hirth, Gillian ; Hondros, Jim ; Pandelus, Samantha ; Tucker, William ; Duff, Tim ; Green, Liesel ; Stopic, Attila ; Pring, Allan ; Lenehan, Claire E
    Radiological impact assessments are an important tool for energy and resources industries and government safety regulators to assist in the protection of wildlife diversity, especially native species. Evaluations of radiological impacts to flora in the arid regions of Australia are currently based on international models that use predominately Northern Hemisphere data, with very limited Australian-specific data. This creates a degree of uncertainty in communicating the potential impact of relevant Australian assessments. The project aims to build an improved understanding of radionuclide concentration ratios and radionuclide pathways in arid Australian conditions and are expected to inform assessments in similar environmental conditions elsewhere. The dataset contains measurement of stable elements and radionuclides in soils and plants that were obtained from three regions in South Australia: Flinders Ranges, Pernatty and Roxby Downs region. Access to Australian specific data for use in radiological impact models provide a better understanding and more credible environmental impact assessment process based on more relevant local information.
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    Partially Penetrating Lake-Aquifer Interaction in a Laboratory-scale Tidal Setting
    (Flinders University, 2021-03-29) Jazayeri, Amir ; Werner, Adrian ; Cartwright, Nick
    Freshwater lakes close to the coast are important ecotones with strong functional dependency on ocean forces. Tides are likely to create dynamic lake-groundwater interactions, which have not been previously assessed for partially penetrating lakes. This study investigates tidal lake-groundwater interaction in a laboratory-scale aquifer cross-section with and without the existence of a partially penetrating lake. The experimental observations were reproduced by numerical models to allow for an in-depth evaluation of the experiments beyond those provided by direct measurements.
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    Effects of River Partial Penetration on the Occurrence of Riparian Freshwater Lenses: Experimental Investigation
    (Flinders University, 2021-02-05) Jazayeri, Amir ; Werner, Adrian ; Wu, Huiqiang ; Lu, Chunhui
    Laboratory experiments and numerical modelling of the freshwater lens extent are used to provide physical verification (in light of limited examples of well-characterised field cases) of the analytical methodology, thereby evaluating the underlying assumptions. Parameter calibration and uncertainty analysis are applied to assess both the experimental conditions and the benefit of lens observations in applying the analytical approach. The experimental freshwater lens was reproduced by both analytical and numerical models.
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    Behavioural and heart rate responses to stressors in two populations of Little Penguins that differ in levels of human disturbance and predation risk
    (Flinders University, 2021-02-01) Schaefer, Rebecca ; Colombelli-Négrel, Diane
    Dataset for report. Species that are constantly exposed to disturbances, such as human disturbance or non‐lethal contacts with predators or conspecifics, can experience chronic stress. Within a species range, variation in the frequency and predictability of such disturbances can lead to population differences in stress response. Here, we investigated the stress response of Little Penguins Eudyptula minor to an introduced predator and a conspecific at two South Australian colonies that differed in habitat, conspecifics density, levels of human disturbance and predation risk (high, low). We used playback experiments of Cat Felis catus or Little Penguin calls and recorded the behaviour and physiological (heart rate) response of adults in relation to playback type (Cat, Penguin) as well as habitat characteristics (habitat type, nest type, nest visibility) and number of conspecifics present. Our results showed that individuals from the high disturbance colony (also living in a mixed habitat with fewer neighbours) exhibited higher vigilance and heart rate responses than individuals from the low disturbance colony (living in a closed habitat with a high number of neighbours). Our results highlight that guidelines for managing Penguin species cannot be generalised across populations and need to be colony‐specific.
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    Genetic data of little penguins collected at eight colonies in South Australia between 2011 and 2014
    (Flinders University, 2020-06-09) Colombelli-Négrel, Diane ; Slender, Amy ; Bradford, Tessa ; Bertozzi, Terry ; Graf, Scarlett S. ; Gardner, Michael George
    Genetic data of little penguins analysed with next generation sequencing. The data were obtained from 75 penguins across eight colonies in South Australia. Related dataset: "Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor) RADseq illumina sequencing RAW output"