Australian Archaeology, Number 002, 1975

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This is a collection of articles from Issue Number 2, April 1975.


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    Fieldwork in North Queensland
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04) Brayshaw, Helen
    Preliminary fieldwork results of shell material found in North Queensland.
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    A Preliminary report on some waisted blades found on Kangaroo Island, South Australia
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04) Lampert, Ronald John
    Pleistocene Stone tools found on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, demonstrate a uniform and homogeneous technology across both New Guinea and Australia.
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    Comment on the Montagu Island Survey
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04) Lampert, Ronald John
    Additional comments on the Montague Island Survey by R.J. Lampert.
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    An Archaeological Survey of Montagu Island, N.S.W.
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04) Sullivan, Marjorie E
    Report on site surveys on Montagu Island N.S.W. Montagu Island, or Barunguba lies 7km from Barunga point and approximately 10 km southeast of Narooma, New South Wales. Traces of former Aboriginal occupation occur on Montagu Island. This work formed part of a survey of archaeological sites on the N.S.W. south coast conducted, under the guidance of R.J. Lampert, for the Center for Resource and Environmental Studies, A.N.U.
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    46th ANZAAS Congress: Some Section 25A Papers
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04) Lampert, Ronald John
    Summary of presentations at the 46th ANZAAS Conference in Canberra, January 1975.
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    Victorian Relics Office
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1975-04) Coutts, Peter J F
    Description of functions and role of the Victoria State Relics Office.