Australian Archaeology, Number 004, 1976

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This is a collection of articles from Issue Number 4, April 1976.


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    Journal Notifications
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-04)
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    Seelands and Sai Yok Pebble Tools: A Further Consideration
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-04) McBryde, Isabel
    Analysis and limitations in comparisons of pebble tool industries of Seelands, and Sai Yok. This paper addresses questions concerning unifacial pebble tools and connections with the pebble tool assemblages of Late Pleistocene and post-Pleistocene of South-East Asia, especially those of the 'Hoabinhian technocomplex'.
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    Computer Simulations of Small Populations
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-04) McArthur, Norma
    The September number of the 'Journal of the Polynesian Society', 1976, will contain a report by Norma McArthur (Research School of Pacific Studies, ANJ), I.W. Saunders and R.L. Tweedie (Division of Mathematics and Statistics , CSIRO) on their first series of computer simulations of very small populations. Some preliminary results of these experiments were presented at an ANU Prehistory seminar in April 1975, and a more mathematical treatment of the project was published in the first volume of CSIRO' S 'The Mathematical Scientist', 1976.
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    Aboriginal Adze Stone Hoards Found on the Arcoona Plateau Near Woomera, South Australia
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-04) Hewitt, R
    In October 1970, the Woomera Natural History Society held a field excursion to the Lake Hanson area. The purpose of this paper is to provide details of a hoard or cache of Aboriginal adze stones found by the writer on that occasion. This paper will also describe two smaller finds of hoarded adze stones, made in other parts of the region in recent years.
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    A New Archaeology-Ethnohistory Research Journal for The Pacific Area
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-04) Orchiston, D Wayne
    The Artefact, fomerly the newsletter of the Archaeological Society of Victoria, is now a professional research journal specializing in the ethno-history and archaeology (prehistoric, historic, and ethno) of the Pacific region.
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    Archaeological Developments in the History Department at The University of Melbourne, 1975
    (Australian Archaeological Association, 1976-04) Orchiston, D Wayne
    This report summarizes archaeological developments that took place during 1975 within the History Department, the staff of which includes two archaeologists, Mr W. Culican (Reader; specialization: Middle East) and the author (Research Fellow; specialization: Oceanic prehistory and ethnohistory).