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Australian Archaeology (ISSN 0312-2417), the official publication of the Australian Archaeological Association Inc., is a refereed journal and has been published since 1974. The journal accepts original articles in all fields of archaeology and other subjects relevant to archaeological research and practice in Australia and nearby areas. Archaeology is defined broadly and covers the prehistoric and historic periods in terms of pure research and cultural resource management.

Material stemming from work in environmental science, history, biological anthropology, social anthropology and other related areas is welcomed, particularly when it relates to current Australian archaeological problems and issues. As Australian Archaeology services the interests of Association members, thesis summaries, news clippings, cartoons and other material of interest to members are accepted, providing the necessary permissions have been obtained and/or acknowledgements are included.

Recent publications are reviewed and copies of books and monographs may be sent to the Review Editors. Items for Backfill and Debitage should generally not exceed 600 words. Book Reviews should be between 600 and 1000 words and Short Reports between 600 and 1500 words. Articles should not exceed 5000 words. Accompanying diagrams and photographs will be considered but must conform to size and reproductive limits.

All correspondence, submissions and enquiries should be addressed to:

Australian Archaeology Editors, Department of Archaeology

Flinders University

GPO Box 2100

Adelaide SA 5001




A DVD Collection of Australian Archaeology (1974-2003) is available here